Back to school shopping has always been a time of change for most Fashionistas. As the summer comes to an end, the weather starts to cool down, thus creating the need for a new wardrobe! As we go through college though, this change is really about investing in standout pieces. We don’t have the time or money to completely overhaul everything we own, but instead to improve and tweak our own personal style. Back to school is reintroducing the “you, but new” version.

This Fashionista’s outfit flows from good girl gone bad. It is demure on top, while her wedges accentuate a flirtatious side. This blouse is chic and easy. The color is a muted pink, allowing the bright colors of the summer to easily flow into the subdued colors of fall. Ruffles add a relaxed elegance to the outfit. The deeply feminine embellishment is one of the most effortless ways to add dramatic interest to an otherwise simple outfit. Because ruffles create volume, be sure to counter the effect with something tailored like slim-fit jeans, a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Thus the choices of shoes are endless. She chose to accentuate her tall figure with wedges, easily argued the most comfortable heel, especially good for all that campus walking. This earthly brown style adds an organic offbeat touch that goes with nearly everything. Transition them into the cooler months by adding knit socks, a definite fall trend! To polish off this outfit, she added a canvas bag. It’s a great option for school because it’s sturdy for your everyday, miscellaneous items but not at all bulky. This Fashionista knows how to be a standout: looking stylish and mature for her first day, while many around her sport the traditional college-wear of hoodies and sweatpants!

Back to school Shopping Tips:
– Versatility: Whatever you buy make sure you can create at least 3 different looks.
– Personality: You’re young so express yourself!
– Economical: Inexpensive pieces are key because living in the city does a ware and tear quite easily.

Find great wedges at Piperlime. Look for ladylike blouses at Urban Outfitters and Banana Republic. And for the true classics go to Levis for a pair of great fitting jeans with their new custom fit guide called “Levi Curve ID.”

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