TREND: Baby Got Back

Some would generally think that “sexy” essentials would be strappy sandals, short skirts, and a go to black dress. Nowadays Fashionistas have figured out another stylish way of showing some skin, instead of a plunging neckline try a plunging backline. I adore the unexpected twist and somehow it highlights another part of the body that women and men are finding to be more appealing. This Fashionista is wearing a vintage sequence mini that has great detail in the front but from behind there is a little more definition that should be taken notice. She smartly balances it out with simple touches the perfect shoe and matching clutch. It’s the modern peek a boo with an element of surprise and creating a sense of contrast. Fortunately the trend is making its way and coming in different varieties. With zipper detail, lacey touches, to being simply in white it’s worth the shot. Just put your own twist and have some fun we don’t need to bring sexy back because it never left.

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