TREND: Let The Music Flow

Music and fashion submit the perfect marriage of influencing the energy and creativity of being original. It is all about self expression and when you find yourself in a crowd of people at a concert or even at a lazy live performance….you want a stick out. This Fashionisto wanted to keep himself ambiguous but have the outfit speak for itself. Who says that ripped jeans and a band tee is the only appropriate way to appear during a festival? Remixing the preppy look can turn out to be quite interesting and fashion forward. The gingham check shirt, the straw fedora, and the pink bow tie are in contrast to the leather jacket and sneakers. The end result is something very wearable and versatile. Summer gives you every moment to be a part of a mash pit or grass side picnic. When it comes concert attire let the music flow and have fashion go go go!

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