Turning your workout outfit into your summer casual

This summer have you been running at the gym, or running from the gym? I love a good summer run, but sometimes it’s hard to fit my fitness into my busy schedule. With these tips, you’ll be able to go straight from running errands to running to your summer body.

This summer I’ve found myself grabbing for more of my leggings than my sundresses. Maybe this has something to do with surviving my first year of college. But nonetheless, I can’t keep my hands off my overflowing drawers of leggings. College trained my mind to think leggings are only for no makeup, messy bun, straight-out-of-bed kind of days, but recently I’ve discovered the art of rocking comfy leggings and still looking put together.

Often, I don’t have the time to change my outfit after going to lunch with a friend, getting coffee, or even after work before going to the gym. It’s a hassle I prefer to avoid, and let’s be honest, once I actually get home I’m not leaving again for the gym (oops). This look is seriously so versatile for your summer adventures and plans!

Basically, all that’s required are a cute pair of leggings, a chic athletic/flowy top, and your favorite staple tennis shoes. The fun part about this dashing sporty look is that you can completely make it your own fit and style! While I prefer black leggings (only because I own 50 pairs and they match everything), feel free to spice up this look with some printed, colorful leggings of your choice. My go-to leggings are Lululemon 7/8 cut. I suggest a flowy top because I usually don’t enjoy wearing tight-fitted tops on my day-to-day outings. I think it’s just a comfort thing, but you can totally slip in a tight workout tank if you’re comfortable with that. The shoes I’m wearing are my favorite for casual days. They are so cute and so comfortable! Gray Nikes steal my heart every time. Any athletic shoe of your choice will work!

Now for the details. Throw your hair in a quick pony or braid, makeup is optional (of course), pop on your favorite matching sports bra, your simple jewelry pieces of choice (mine will always be pearls) and watch your gym getup be transformed into your sporty Saturday style.

Headed to the gym or out for coffee, leggings always look good on you! What is your favorite gym look? We’d love to see the dual style of your fitness casual outfit on social media! Don’t forget to tag @CFashionista.

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