UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN: Broken Doll – An Editorial Photographic Event

A week ago, Madison was the site of unique and one of a kind fashion pictorial event and gallery. Broken Doll is a traveling editorial photographic exhibition event inspired by the inward search for fantasy and make-believe. Tea parties and dress up is acceptable!

At this event, attendees experienced what it is like to create a fashion, beauty, and culinary conceptual photo shoot. Pictures lined the walls of the gallery and three scenes from three pictures were recreated throughout the gallery.

Petite finger foods appropriate for a tea party were scattered around the event, thanks to the food and prop stylist, Tamara L. Kaufman. Cupcakes and tea were among the favorites and there was not doubt people in the event loved the cohesion between the pictures, live recreations, and food. It was truly a unique experience to attend!

All pictures from the gallery were done by unique photographer Abby Schoofs (

Rosalee Eichstedt( is the main stylist of this event. She styled all of the models and this event was her fantasy.

This event was a huge collaboration with a lot of people who stood behind such a great project and believed in its vision. Please take notice of the names below, because without them, this event wouldn

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