University of Wisconsin, Fashion Show Recap

Designers in the Madison area put on one sassy show last Thursday night at Segredo, a new up-and-coming venue on the Madison campus!  Fabulous models strutted their stuff in one-of-a-kind lingerie designs with cute escorts on their arms. Not only was this event about fashion and fun, but all proceeds went to the Sewing Machine Project, an organization that donates sewing machines to women in low-income areas and to those displaced by natural disasters. The atmosphere within the venue was high energy, eclectic, and exciting. Music was pumping in the background (Lady GaGa was our personal favorite), and the bowling in the middle of the venue added a fun touch to the atmosphere. The runway circled around the entire venue, allowing all guests to get an up close and personal runway experience.

Backstage was very hectic; last minute alterations, makeup and hair preparations were topped off with a professional photo shoot. Our own Wisconsin Guru, Rachel, was lucky enough to be in the fashion show and modeled a “monster” inspired collection. The pieces were bright, poisonous colors made of woven fabric and wire, and were inspired by the sirens in the Odyssey. The fabric was textured and layered and gave the illusion of fur and the line as a whole was a cohesive mixture of cover-ups and underwear sets. Overall, the backstage atmosphere was a mixture of excitement and nerves, and each look reflected the hard work of the designers but the show was pulled off through the exhilaration and support for our local Madison designers.

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