CollegeFashionista X Victoria’s Secret Advertorial: PINK Campus Pant- Columbia University

Love at first sight. That’s how I felt when I got my hands on the Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Pants. Just your average pair of sweatpants? Hell no! I couldn’t wait to style them immediately. While I was thinking about the best way to wear them, three C’s came to mind: casual, comfortable and chic. Given that they are electric pink, I also realized I needed to also reconcile boldness with neutrality.

So I set off on my styling voyage, and ventured into the creative zone where the great fashion icons, Alexander Wang and Elie Tahari had been previously. These designers had successfully mastered the same styling endeavor I was about to embark on: I needed to take everyday sweatpants and incorporate them into a “put-together” outfit.

It is irrefutable that sweatpants are acceptable for sleepwear. However, a problem sometimes arises when they leave the bedroom and are brought into the public arena—poorly styled. In order to make sweatpants look chic, it is not about trying harder, it’s about thinking better. Oh and here’s a major tip: if you already have fashionable sweatpants like the Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Pant, it’s one step in the right direction from the get-go. So grab your Campus Pants from the PINK store, and from there, try mixing it up with a cute crop top or a long sleeve patterned shirt.

My shirt of choice was a gray and black, Alexander Wang striped long-sleeve. Then I decided to go for one simple accessory to make the look more complete. I thought that a nice scarf would be the perfect choice, so I added a polka dot, gray Sisley circle scarf.

Lastly, for shoes, I recommend opting for something casual and cool like Keds, Converse, or Supergas. I went for black Supergas and couldn’t have been happier with that move.

When sweatpants are styled properly, the last thing you come off as is slovenly or unfashionable. If you are someone that underestimates the power of this staple item, rethink your fashion ideology! You will be happier, more comfortable and dare I say, très chic if you give the Campus Pant a chance.

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