CollegeFashionista X Victoria’s Secret Advertorial: PINK Campus Pant- George Washington University

As many of my friends know, there is nothing I like more than being comfortable. That doesn’t mean I’m not completely infatuated with glamour and style but I always try to find a hybrid of the two wherever I go, especially to class. Here, I’m wearing Victoria's Secret Campus Pant with all of my favorite staples.

First, a navy and white striped tee. Anyone who knows me knows I love my striped T-shirts and that my knees practically go weak for navy – possibly the chicest color to exist. I paired my striped tee with my shark tooth necklace I wear almost everyday. It looks great with everything and adds a cool flair to the simplest of ensembles. I then threw on one of my favorite sweaters. I call it my “snuggie” because if you flip it backwards it acts as a blanket. 

Lastly, I tied on my navy Supergas (I know, again with the navy.) I grew up wearing these Italian bred sneakers. They come in almost every color and I had them all from red to white to lime green.  They’re so easy for class and I know I’ll always be comfortable when on the go. When wearing the campus pant play up your inner comfort and cool self, because who doesn’t like those two things?  Play with fun tees, whether you choose to wear a bright solid color or striped one like me. 

Add a long necklace – a double strand of pearls or fun beads instantly create drama and finesse. For chillier days throw on a cardigan or shrug for comfort and warmth. There is no such thing as too many layers!  For your final touch, lace up your favorite chic-sneaks and you’ll be ready to go!

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