CollegeFashionista X Victoria’s Secret PINK Yoga Advertorial: George Washington University

In the past, yoga clothes and fashion trends were two things that didn't necessarily go hand-in-hand; in fact, it seemed as though what you looked like on the outside didn't matter that much…just so long as you could stretch easily and were generally comfortable. I personally don't believe that you should ever leave the house in something you're not completely proud of, however, which means that I'm a major proponent of expressing yourself sartorially even when headed off to yoga. That being said, I am here to introduce you yogi-Fashionistas out there to one of the newest (and coolest) Victoria's Secret PINK collections: Victoria's Secret PINK Yoga Collection. This collection embodies everything that the PINK label is known for: it's fun, comfortable, and stylish. I also love this collection because it's very versatile: the pieces are the perfect lounge-, class-, and yoga-wear.

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about this look. What inspired you to style your yoga this way?

Jessica Cecere: I love to layer, and this collection has great layering basics. That being said, I knew immediately that I wanted to layer (as I always do) to create a new yoga outfit. The first piece that drew my attention was the neon green V-neck T-shirt (it's so soft!), and after deciding to wear the V-neck T-shirt, I put on Yoga Legging to complete my new and super comfortable yoga outfit. To keep myself warm, I then threw the great Half Zip and layered a down vest on top of it.

CF: What is your must-have from the PINK Yoga Collection?

JC: The Yoga Legging! They are so comfortable and are my favorite pair at the moment. These leggings look great with just about anything, and never, ever stretch out or lose their shape.

CF: We know you love your yoga, but how else do you like to stay fit and healthy?

JC: I'm an avid equestrian and I also really enjoy spinning classes – they both are really great cardios!

CF: What do you think is the greatest advantage of doing yoga?

JC: In addition to being a great workout, yoga really focuses on bettering the spirit. With the everyday stresses of college, I think it's really important to find a relaxing outlet in which to focus on the mind and body, and yoga has provided me with exactly that.

CF: What's your top tip for looking cute and staying comfy?

JC: When looking for a comfortable, go-to look, try sporting a great pair of leggings with an oversized sweater or hoodie. In this, you'll be just as comfortable as you would have been in sweats, but you won't look nearly as sloppy!

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