TREND: Vintage Vagabond

This Fashionisto confesses to what he calls a “homeless vogue” inspiration. This look is achieved through layering. While the average person visiting a vintage shop would come out empty handed, vagabond inspired Fashionistos and Fashionistas use their eye for fashion to create a hot look from a variety of fabrics, textures, fits and styles. Each piece, once abandoned, is revived and becomes a staple in an overall look that is hard to ignore.

He achieves his layers by topping off a simple T-shirt with a tan, button-up vest. He wears a classic black leather jacket with a cut that compliments the rest of his outfit and suits his body shape. Men wearing scarves is a trend that has been all over Europe and the East Coast for years, but it is a rare find in Colorado. Guys, it doesn’t hurt to add a little style to your outerwear – You don’t have to feel trapped with minimal options during chilly season.

Finding a pair of fitted jeans can be difficult for men at times, but when you find your perfect pair, be sure to rock them! This Fashionisto wears a bright color to contrast his other neutral pieces. Biker boots are also a big hit this season and are not only fashionable, but work well for a student who bikes to campus. The last piece to this vintage vagabond inspired look is the aviator sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great investment in Colorado’s 300 plus days of sunshine a year and come in a variety of styles and prices to match your distinctive style and college student budget.

Hint: Believe it or not, there is more to winter wear than hoodies and beanies. Wear a scarf like this Fashionisto. Scarves are as practical in the winter as they are trendy.

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