With the weather getting colder there are only so many options you can do to stay warm while looking absolutely fabulous. It has always been a ritual for me to check the weather before I style my outfits. Having a nine-to-nine day at school means not only cold mornings, but cold nights too. Getting sick during the school semester is certainly not my number one goal and I’m sure it isn't for you either.

Jeans are a good source of warmth during the winter and are a staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. But what if you go into that favorite store of yours and you see the cutest knit shorts on display? Well, my advice to you is to grab it! One of my favorite things about fall and winter is that I get to show off my legs… and wear cute shorts! Tights are comfortable and can appear to make your legs look longer (perfect for girls like us who wish we were a few inches taller). Put your knit shorts on over your tights to keep you warm. Cable knit is always on the runways from designers like Prada and Alexander Wang, and basically everywhere during the fall. Switch up the usual cable knit sweaters and stand out from the crowd with cable knit shorts. You can totally make this your fall DIY by knitting your own!

To recreate this outfit, pair your knit shorts with a chambray button-down or add an extra punch to your outfit with a studded denim button-down. For shoes go for velvet loafers like this Fashionista did. However, putting on black tights with black wedges will further elongate your legs and make you that height you always wish you were. You'll feel and look like a model. Top it off by wearing it with your coolest leather or military jacket.

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