TREND: We Go Eco

As we become more health and environmentally conscious, the demand for organic food is dramatically increasing. If we are so worried about ingesting harmful insecticides and pesticides, shouldn't we also be wary of the harmful effects of wearing these poisons too? Did you know that it takes one pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to conventionally grow the three pounds of cotton needed to make a T-shirt and a pair of jeans and farm workers working in conventionally grown cotton fields in the US and around the world suffer from toxic exposures and related health problems?

After reading these facts on, I became a lot more interested in organic clothing and wondered if there were Fashionistas on campus that have already started wearing this eco-conscious trend. Today's Fashionista is wearing a pair of brown organic linen pants that are lightweight and perfect for these hot and humid Atlanta days. The aqua tank goes so well will the brown pants by contrasting the more fitted look of top and a looser look of the pants. Her beaded flat sandals are an easy way to add a little flair (and show off that bright summer nail polish)! This organic linen dress is also another great option for these last few remaining weeks of the summer. Eco-fashion doesn't necessarily need to look like its handspun and all natural- this pair of jeans is actually made from organic cotton!

Another accessory that this Fashionista does not leave home without is her reusable water bottle! As you can see from this look, wearing organic and environmentally friendly clothing does not mean that you have to wear hemp and Birkenstocks! Eco-fashion choices are really limitless and very easy to find as most large brands have organic lines that are continually expanding.

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