WHAT TO WEAR: From Breezy Days to Freezing Nights

Here at Ohio University, school may be out, but the summer is still around the corner. Breezy spring days can turn into frosty nights with the flip of a switch, and knowing how to dress for that shift is crucial. This Fashionisto does just that, but incorporates his own fashion sense into his look, letting his smooth street style shine through.

Plaid shirts can go one of three ways: it could make you look like a lumberjack, like a Catholic school girl, or complete an outfit. The fabric is not too heavy, but will still keep him warm on summer nights. The colors are perfect for the weather, too. The tan tones make any pants a perfect match and warm the skin tone a bit so those of us who can’t tan—also known as me—can gain inspiration for what will work best. The blue draws out the ocean blue of his eyes, making them pop. The vest adds warmth as well as style. While not too large, it is still just big enough to keep him warm without looking like he’s hiding old school books in the sides. This one by Patagonia is perfect for transitioning season to season.

His pants draw in fashion. The fit is not too baggy, but just enough that they are relaxed while still being classy. For college men, finding pants that fit without being overly tight is hard, but this Fashionisto was able to do exactly that. When shopping, make sure to get a relaxed fit so that they can be comfortably worn lounging during the chilly summer nights.

The shoes are possibly the best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit. They are statement shoes, in the most masculine way possible. The leather is worn the perfect amount, the soles are clean, and the laces are still crisp. Having a pair of shoes such as these makes transitioning from day to night a breeze. A pair of shoes like the ones this Fashionisto has will become the perfect staple to any collegiate wardrobe.

Transitioning from spring to summer can be tricky. Going from daytime heat to nighttime chill can be super tricky, but by drawing inspiration from this Fashionisto, any outfit is sure to slay whatever weather possible.

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