WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Living in the hustle and bustle of New York City, one can face a challenge to condense their semester course-load and work schedule into a jam-packed calendar full of social gatherings and springtime festivities. As every New Yorker knows, twenty-four hours simply isn’t enough time to accomplish all desired tasks. One can also agree that one added hour into each day can encompass the greatest difference into one’s daily routine.

Busy Fashionistas are always on the run. Whether they’d be storming through crowds to catch the downtown train to their internship, or jotting down campus to make it to their next class, the “New York Rush” hits them like no other. Therefore, it is important for these Fashionistas to not only stay comfortable throughout their busy day, but to also ensure that their outfits can easily transition from active day schedules to exciting nighttime adventures.

Someone who rocked this trend was this Fashionista who I spotted at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. At FIT, it is common for students to take on a full class schedule alongside a part-time job, internship and extracurricular activity. Considering this, it is important for these students to strategically plan their daily look so that they can easily transition from their class, to their job, and to any other activity in-between. I enjoyed seeing how this Fashionista put thought and effort into her outfit. Her professional attire is appropriate for different atmospheres and can seamlessly be taken elsewhere.

Asymmetrical hemlines are a fashionable and fun feature to any outfit. This Fashionista’s dress adds definition to her shape and acts as a versatile piece for any occasion. She layers her dress with a classic black blazer to make her look appropriate for her internship.

After work, she can easily remove the blazer, taking her outfit from day to night. She accessorizes her look with a light-blue statement necklace to add color, a small cross-body bag to carry her daily necessities, and black lace-up block sandals. Block sandals are not only comfortable and easy to walk in, but are also very versatile and can be worn with almost anything. The lace-up style is still a prominent trend that this Fashionista loves to incorporate into her look.

Does the forecast call for rain or wind? Instead of heels, wear flats! Not only will they will cover your feet and keep them dry, but will also look just as cute for a busy day around the city.

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