WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

I cannot believe this is my last article for CollegeFashionista! I have enjoyed writing these so much. It’s dead week here at OU, so writing this is a nice break from studying. Summer is creeping right around the corner, and I could not be more excited.

Shooting this article was so much fun. This Fashionista was so fun to work with, and obviously, she takes the cutest pictures ever. Her outfit is super versatile, and she told me loves it because it’s something you can either dress up or dress down. The topĀ is thin enough to wear in the spring with jeans, but you could also wear it in the summer with shorts. Orange can be such a flattering color, and you’re able to see that on this Fashionista. The shoes exhibit the perfect sandal for dressing up any outfit in the spring or summertime. Heeled sandals are becoming so popular this year and I think this pair is great because it is a neutral color, so you could wear them with almost anything. The ripped jeans help make the outfit more casual. If you wore black jeans with it, it would definitely help transition the outfit from day to night.

The accessories add a nice flare to the outfit without being over the top. Belts always add the perfect touch to a seemingly simple outfit. People definitely underestimate belts, but I think it’s important to own one nice belt like this one. The earrings are subtle but trendy. Geometric hoops present a nice spin to a somewhat common style. If you added some more jewelry to this outfit, it would help the transition from day to night.

Transitional outfits need to be emphasized more. You want something you could wear to brunch with your family, but then you can add some more accessories and wear it out with friends at night. I love outfits that have versatility like this one.

I hope this outfit gives you some inspiration during the hallowed times of finals. We are so close to being finished for the year; let’s make it the best!

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