What to Wear to Your First Day of Class

Every semester I make a goal to dress nicely for class. It lasts for a good two days before I fall prey to my comfy leggings and a tank top. As I embark on my junior year, I am determined to finally achieve my goal of looking presentable for class. So, I have put together a good outfit that would be great for the first day of class or any ordinary day.

For my first day of class, I paired my high-rise slim boyfriend jeans with a button-down. Rather than just wearing my button-down as it is, I tied the bottom. I unbuttoned the bottom two buttons and double knotted it so it would stay put the entire day. By tying the bottom, it turns your simple button down, into a cropped, low key top. You can still look presentable by also looking casual just by tying your button down or flannel. For shoes, I chose a comfortable, but cute sandal. Comfort is key when choosing a shoe for class since you walk all over campus.

Now to accessorize, I chose a simple, gold necklace that has my first initial on it. Simpler is better for a casual look for class. I also chose my tote instead of my backpack because the tote completes the outfit. Pick a big enough bag that can hold your laptop, notebooks, and, of course, your favorite snack for when you get hungry during class. As much as I love my backpack, it does not fit the theme of the outfit. Save your backpack for an athleisure outfit.

You can also do many more outfits for class than just this one. You can wear a peplum short sleeve top with jeans, pair your jeans with a T-shirt and sneakers, etc. The options are endless.

What do you wear to your first day of class? Let us know on social media by tagging @CFashionista.

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