WHAT TO WEAR: Prepping for Tailgate Season

In the south, Saturdays are for college football and tailgating. There is nothing more important than having a cute outfit to wear to the tailgates. Many times these outfits are picked out a week in advance just to give all the Fashionistas time to change their mind or make sure they love it!

Although school is over and football games seem far away, the summer is the perfect time to load up your wardrobe with cute outfits for tailgating. Yes, you can always go with the classic cut-up college T-shirt, but it is more fun to create an outfit using your school colors.

This Fashionista found a bright orange, off-the-shoulder top to really scream “Go Tech.” It is a light, flowy fabric so she can stay comfortable and cool while also looking cute. The sleeves are tied off with a simple bow that really bring out the classic southern style. She muted down the bright orange of the top with some dark wash skinny jeans. This look could even be worn with some denim shorts. The dark denim is a perfect spacer between the bright orange top and the bright white of her Jack Rogers—a southern staple.

Football games are definitely not the place to heavily accessorize. Between jumping to “Enter Sandman” or cheering when we score, there is no way heavy jewelry will survive! This Fashionista accessorized perfectly with a single pearl necklace on a thin gold chain and her Ray-Ban sunglasses. It ties the outfit together completely, giving it a classic, southern style.

This Fashionista also did a great job of using makeup to get the “no makeup” look. It is usually hot and sweaty on game days, especially in the south. No one wants their makeup running down their face or wiping off. Use a powder or mineral to give you that dusty glow, and stick with mascara and eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. Try to leave out all the heavy contouring, highlighting, and heavy eyeshadow.

As you prepare for tailgating season next year, find a loud statement piece that coordinates with your school colors and dress around it. Choose a toned-down piece to coordinate, and always go light on the accessories.

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