WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Alert

With the weather finally warming up, you can finally wear something to show off. No more bundling up in those thick jackets and heavy boots. You are now free to wear whatever you want without having to think if it is going to fall in line with the cold weather. However, since you are able to show your outfit freely now, the question of “What do I wear?” may come to mind. Well, have no fear. First of all you should be able to wear whatever you want! Second of all, since it is spring you have tons of choices to pick from.

Even though it was a little chilly, this particular Fashionista decided to enjoy this spring weather by wearing a denim jacket and black jeans. With the color coordination she had with her white shirt and her black and white Vans, she was able to show off her sporty look and take on the day with a smile. I really like this outfit because it really brings out her bright personality and coordinates well with the spring weather! The colors she uses are definitely a plus.

Even though I love every part of her outfit, one way she can make her outfit even better is by adding some accessories. Adding some accessories like a necklace or earrings will give the outfit more of a chic look and redefine the whole outfit. Besides these small details, everything about her outfit is great. She is definitely ready to take on spring and also end this semester strong!

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