Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

The color white is complete and innocent. White clothing has, for hundreds of years, represented purity, sophistication, and cleanliness; helping to provide a cooling comfort in warm weather and a staple image for weddings and religious events since the beginning of human history. So, why is it we’ve been told we should pack away most of our white clothing every fall succeeding Labor Day? Where did this rule of “no wearing white” after Labor Day come from? And why are we limiting our closets by hiding our white clothes until the start of each summer?

Well, I have got some news for you! I call nonsense on the whole “no white” after Labor Day rule. After doing my research I have found that there is no real reasoning for or pinpointed orientation of said fashion rule. Some have the theory that late 1800’s socialites created the rule of “no white after Labor Day” simply to make their social groups more exclusive with a set of unreasoned fashion laws. Others theorize that this fashion rule took to society plainly because of the drop in temperature that typically comes after Labor Day.

Nonetheless, following the guideline to no longer wear white after Labor Day frankly seems outdated and unnecessary. Several fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, have already made their statements by donning white clothing, or suits in Chanel’s case, all year-round. It is time for the rest of the fashion world to follow suit and embrace the color white during all seasons!

Don’t give up your favorite white sweater, hide away your trendy white tote, or box up your all-white sneakers every year when the leaves start to change colors. Especially those living in the south, who don’t really experience the same “cold months” that the north does; don’t sacrifice your white T-shirts in fear of breaking some unwritten fashion law. All-white outfits never fail to make a bold, yet innocent presentation and, not to mention, white looks flattering on almost everyone. Don’t hold back, be bold; its time we make brand new fashion rules of our own!

Coco Chanel has been setting the perfect example for wearing white all months of the year, for many years now. With her undying passion for great clothes and smart designs, Coco Chanel’s classic all-white suits have served as inspiration in my denouncing the rule of “no white” after Labor Day. With her timeless designs in mind, I have created a mini mood board to set the stage and encourage you all to make like Coco Channel and rock white all year-round.

How will you sport the color white this coming fall and winter? Comment down below!

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