Wednesday Bleak Turned Très Chic

Summer is in full swing, and the best way to beat the summer heat is a cute look for work!  With a busy day full of meetings, desk work, lunch dates, and deadlines, there’s no better way to make your mark professionally, from the boardroom to the streets, than with a sharp, Parisian-inspired look! We’re matching our big city ambitions with our big city dreams, and there is no better way to do this than with a cosmopolitan look. There’s something so elegant yet bold about this Fashionista’s jacket, and we can almost picture her taking it from the Metro to the Pierre to the Champs Elysees.

This Fashionista’s twill jacket, which she purchased at Mango, is blue and white tweed and is the ultimate chic statement piece. The jacket, similar to this one by Lafayette 148, is elegant yet understated, just the look for business casual days to elegant cocktail casual nights. The blue dress that this Fashionista wears is the perfect summer look, whether it’s paired with the twill jacket, or on its own. The simplicity of the color pop is sure to send anyone dreaming of summer walks along the Seine! Her statement necklace provides amazing contrast with the cool colors of the blue with it’s orange and blue contrast!

This look is inspiring, iconic, and Chanel-level fabulous. We’re ready for a weekend trip to the Riviera on a cool summer day or a trip to our cubicle on an average Wednesday. With a look like this, though, any day can be exciting, fun, and fashionable. Say goodbye to the humdrum desk job blues, and say hello to your new favorite summer blues!

How do you keep your work clothes chic? Let me know in the comments below!

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Mary-Kate Rogers

Hello! I am Mary-Kate Rogers, a Marketing Major at Providence College. I am currently spending my summer as a Digital Marketing Intern as well as working for College Fashionista, and I am so excited for the fun and fabulous style! I love that College Fashionista gives college students like me a wonderful outlet of self-expression and a place to share our love of fashion. I have a passion for art, and I believe that art has so much inspiration to offer to the world of fashion, as it is an art, after all! I am inspired by the personal style of others every day, and I'm excited to share my love of fashion here on College Fashionista!

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