Being fashionable is kind of an unmentioned requirement for all students (aka "Colonials") who attend GWU. This unspecified prerequisite is proven every day, as I'm regularly floored by the fashion-forward looks sported by my peers. The typical GWU student's fashion-forward attitude can even be seen when promoting the good ol' buff and blue (even though we all know GWU isn't exactly the most school-spirited university). 

I love how this Fashionista makes her GW-themed T-shirt look chic. This Fashionista purchased her tri-blend GWU T-shirt at the bookstore (leave it to our bookstore to sell fashionable GWU-clothing.) This Fashionista then stylishly paired her shirt with ripped white jeans, tucking it in and exposing her amazing braided, beige leather belt. While just wearing this belt is a great way to spruce up this school-spirited look, this Fashionista continues to pulls the whole look together by wearing a simple pair of flip flops by Haviana and carrying a huge, brown, patent-leather, faux-alligator skin bag. This Fashionista epitomizes the fact that GWU students always look chic, even when wearing the 'Colonials' name.

The best part about this Fashionista's look is how easy it is. This outfit is perfect for almost anything she decides to do this weekend; whether she goes grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, goes to Georgetown for dinner, or goes to China Town to catch a movie, she'll be proud to be chicly sporting the G-Dubb logo.

Hint: When looking to purchase fashionable GWU-themed clothing, search for a tri-blend T-shirt like this Fashionista did. These shirts looks similar to the cool graphic tees you'd find at Urban Outfitters, and proudly promote GWU in a stylish way. With fall approaching, you may be wondering how you can transition your great GWU T-shirt into the cooler months. Well, simply pair it with a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of fun ankle booties for a really cool look. Then, as the temperature continues to drop, add a great chunky-knit cardigan to your T-shirt-and-jeans look to truly look like a chic Colonial!

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