WEEKEND FORECAST: Add to the All-Black Look

GW style tends to resemble a slightly preppier version of New York City fashion. NYC is known as the all-black fashion capital. And it's not uncommon to see a GW girl going out at night in a chic, all-black look. Every once and a while, though, these styles are missing something; I've often overheard conversations between girls discussing what they should have added to their outfit that night. With this commonly-encountered fashion dilemma on my mind, I spotted this Fashionista as I headed to dinner and needed to snap a picture of her.

This Fashionista is wearing a black, bandage skirt with a black tank and black lace-up heels. She accessorizes with a beaded clutch, an all-black watch, and a bunch of understated bracelets. Believing her all-black frock needed something, this Fashionista spruced up her look with a silk, black-and-white striped, boyfriend-like button-down. This expert addition instantly adds that exact something her outfit needed, bringing her look from cool to chic.

Hint: If you're looking for some immediate sprucing of your all-black nightlife look, add a colored or patterned boyfriend-style button-down similar to what this Fashionista did. I recommend a top that's made of a somewhat-dressy fabric, such as silk. If you pair it with a bandage skirt as this Fashionista did, be sure that it's only slightly shorter than the skirt: a top that's longer than the skirt is too long and a top that only hits your hip bones is too short.

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