WEEKEND FORECAST: An Ode to Fashion Week

As New York City's Lincoln Center buzzed with Fashion Week last week, DC is housing its very own Fashion Week this week. Beginning September 20th and ending September 26th, DC will be home to numerous fashion shows and presentation events, proving that DC is a city worth fashionable recognition. This monumental week in the fashion industry is one of my favorite weeks of the fall semester, and I am loving the way my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos have been bringing Fashion Week-inspired styles to campus.

This Fashionista's outfit really epitomizes a Fashion Week-inspired style that's ideal for on-campus wear. Her outfit is perfect for going straight to class after attending a runway show (or visa versa), proving that Fashion Week-inspired looks don't necessarily have to be over-the-top – they can be simple, too! This Fashionista is proudly sporting a basic skirt from American Apparel and a nautical striped sweater. She expertly pairs these basics with a black scarf, and a large olive-colored Longchamp bag (the perfect bag to stylishly tote books and binders around). My absolute favorite part of this Fashionista's ensemble, however, are her amazing lace-up equestrian-like boots. These boots, which are slightly less dramatic than motorcycle boots (and therefore a great alternative if you think motorcycle boots are too bold for you), make this look very special. This Fashionista puts a fun spin on her boots by sporting them with socks that go farther up her shin than the boot itself. These boots are also a great alternative to wearing heels whilst under those infamous white tents; they achieve that wow-factor without the inevitable aching feet that come post-stiletto wear. Also, this Fashionista's outfit is perfect for this time of year as it incorporates summer basics with autumn must-haves, showing that a cotton skirt, when dark in color, can be the perfect a transitional piece from summer to autumn. All in all, this Fashionista successfully and effortlessly brings Fashion Week to the already fashionable streets of GW's campus in an unexpected yet fabulous way.

Hint: Whether you're celebrating Fashion Week this year from your dorm, alongside the catwalk, or shuttling back and forth between the two, don't be afraid to keep it simple when styling yourself this week. Pairing basics, especially summertime basics turned fall must-haves (which are perfect for the hot and humid DC weather), with a great pair of boots can give you that extra oomph you may be looking for. Remember, don't be afraid to sport shoes that you wouldn't normally pair alongside these basics. I especially recommend you substitute a great pair of shin-high boots for heels this week – after all, lace-up and/or motorcycle boots are the best fall staples!

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