With winter right around the corner, the days become shorter and color seems to fade not only from the earth but from the wardrobes of Fashionistas/os everywhere. With our minds set on a neutral color palette for the cooler days it becomes more and more essential to accent our outfits with details that set us apart in a never ending sea of black and white. I spotted this Fashionista on campus skillfully dressed in neutrals with just the right amount of detailing to catch my eye. Her exuberant personality only added to the appeal. Zipped up in a dress with a black skirt and patterned top (this tank by Forever 21 has a similar affect), this Fashionista's style reminded me of those French artists that can be seen painting scenic views in Paris. Her flowy, black razor back vest with twisted detailing (I like this one by Forever 21) was artfully layered to exude effortless style.

I absolutely loved the simple print on top with black birds against a white background. The simplicity and neutrality of the print makes it appropriate for the winter season. The finishing touch to this Fashionista’s ensemble was her slate colored scarf and slouchy ankle booties. This color of slate gray is signature to many Parisian artists. It, along with the printed birds, adds a bit of whimsy to this Fashionista’s all black and white attire. Another great aspect of how this Fashionista put herself together was the contrast between her fitted dress and the loosely draped vest, scarf, and booties. Pairing those two elements kept this outfit from appearing too heavy.

This Fashionista’s inspiration was obvious; what inspiration can you find when putting together your look for the day?

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