Winter means a variety of new accessories are finally in stock: boots, hats, scarves – you name it, it's there. When I was little I was against the whole idea of wearing a hat during the winter – even after being told the tale of how all your body heat escapes from your head, I still wasn’t sold. It wasn’t until the idea of a hat turned fashionable in the disguise of a “slouch beanie” that I was sold on the idea. Now I consider the best winter accessory to be the beanie. Every fall and winter season Urban Outfitters comes out with a great selection of these stylish beanies for us Fashionistas, but I feel it is really the Fashionistos that get the better end of this deal. A hat has been a staple for every Fashionisto since they were little and since the revival of the beanies, Fashionistos have embraced the “slouch beanie” trend more than anyone.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this Fashinoisto on a chill Boston day in full fall/winter gear – beanie included. This Fashionisto has decided to rock his “slouch beanie” in a different style – by rolling up the front part of the “slouch beanie” it becomes the perfect fitted beanie for any occasion. For Fashionistos, the beanie can be the perfect accessory for a chilly day or night – a black beanie can also be worn inside adding an extra touch to any outfit. Topman has a great selection of beanies for the fall/winter season at extremely reasonable prices.

Fashionistos and Fashionistas, try for a “slouch beanie” this weekend and winter – it’ll keep you warm and stylish all season.

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