WEEKEND FORECAST: Black, White and Anything but Boring

With so many jacket styles popping up this season, there are so many options for a classic fall/winter coat, especially in a variety of cuts and patterns. As most of you know, I definitely have respect for any fashion lover that has been challenging the traditional peacoat this season. Today’s Fashionista is the perfect example – although she’s sticking with a classic fall staple, the style of her jacket is anything but traditional. She’s able to stick to a neutral color with the black and white tweed pattern of her coat and the trendy, military-style buttons of her jacket give her outwear extra edge. In addition, the unique cut of her jacket is not only flattering on this Fashionista’s frame but is also another detail that adds flair. She manages to look classy and trendy through these simple details.

Today’s example proves that black and white doesn’t have to be so boring or basic. Just by simply experimenting with different cuts and patterns you can create a classic yet different look. For example, this tweed pleated jacket from Forever 21 has a ruffled border for a feminine chic design. Although the cut of this jacket is pretty basic, the pattern gives it a feminine twist. The drop-waist belt wool coat in metallic tweed from Victoria’s Secret is another great fashionable option. The drop-waist belt is a subtle detail that makes the jacket seem slightly less structured, which gives it a more laid-back vibe. For a fun splurge, check out Smythe’s box jacket – the oversized fit has a comfortable “boyfriend” feel to it and I love the fact that it’s a little bit longer in the back. So, find a cut that you think is flattering or find a pattern that you absolutely love. Updating details like these will help you find a timeless yet chic fall jacket that you’ll be able to carry into the next year.

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