Today's Fashionista flaunts a stylish Armani Exchange Fur Trim Military Coat which she combines with a fabulous metallic knit sweater. The combination of black with a hint of metallic creates a sophisticated colour balance that completely embodies the concept of winter-chic. Black has always been a classic winter colour, however sticking to an all-black ensemble can become quite boring. The Fashionista adds some sparkle to her outfit by combining the metallic sweater to an otherwise classic black look. She wears these trendy items along with Franco Sarto Casual Shoes, All Saints Jeggings, and a big Zara Shopper Bag.

As most fashion lovers around the world, London’s Fashionistas/os are dedicated couture fans who are always out for designer labels. Whether shopping at Harrods or roaming the vintage markets of Brick Lane, London is filled with endless opportunities to snatch great designer items. After all, the city’s reputation is famous for its fashion-driven individuals.

Hint: When embracing the classic black winter look, be sure to add at least one bright item to create a balance and avoid dullness.

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