WEEKEND FORECAST: Colonial Couture

One of this fall’s easiest trends to follow, especially for Fashionitsas/os, is collegiate wear. Rushing from class to class and studying, while making time to stay stylish can be a daunting task, but this Fashionisto pulled off the look perfectly. I spotted this Fashionisto keeping his cool while leaving the library. He maintained the perfect balance between grades and good looks. Pairing a white collared, striped oxford shirt with a pair of cuffed skinnies is a great way to do collegiate, without looking too stuffy. I loved the fact that he kept the first couple buttons on his shirt open and rolled up his sleeves to keep a chill façade on a day where, here in the District, the fall days remain warm. A good mix of navy blue and brown is at the top of my list of favorite color combinations for guys, and this Fashionisto is doing it justice. His brown suede oxfords shoes are an effortless, lightweight shoe that are perfect for the warm weather. The brown leather watch and belt fuse perfectly with his tortoise shell Ray-Bans, also great for sunny fall days on campus. Last but not least, what caught my eye immediately when he passed was his navy denim and brown leather backpack. This strappy, slouchy style of bag is so convenient for starting the school year in style. You can find various, inexpensive bags such as this at Urban Outfitters. It is comfortable, sturdy, and super trendy. Some other elements of accessible collegiate fashion on campus that I have noticed are shirts with arm bands, varsity jackets, and a plethora of various shapes and sizes of nerd glasses. So, here is my advice to you: pull out that old school spirit shirt of yours and see what you can do to use this trend and dress for success. Here is to a good year back at school!

Hint: Collegiate wear can get really uptight easily so try pulling off a look that incorporates a more casual piece, such as a dark washed denim or an untucked oxford shirt. One of my favorite collegiate pieces this fall is the slim-fit v-neck Letterman Sweater from the Lacoste Yale Collection.

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