WEEKEND FORECAST: Comfortably Chic

During this odd transitional period between summer and fall, you might find yourself at a loss for what to put on each morning. Do you dress for the hot weather during the day, do you prepare for a chilly night, and how do you accommodate everything in between? This Fashionista had all the right answers when I saw her pass by on her way to class. Her look, straight from the Fashion Week runways, would suit anyone doing some weekend errands or busy work, without looking like you just rolled out of bed. She combined just the right amount of comfort and chic to create a unique outfit that is practical for just about any occasion that might come her way. Pairing a boat-necked, thinly knit, beige sweater dress with a pair of simple-patterned black tights provided the perfect backdrop for her black patent leather accessories. The little bits of shine and gold from her bag and slip on loafers brought a wow factor to this seemingly simple ensemble. By choosing not to wear any jewelry, this Fashionista really allowed the focus to be on her outfit. Her use of neutral colors and her low-hanging, slouchy shoulder bag are two fall trends to follow.

Hint: When I asked her where she got her gorgeous sweater dress, she told me that she studied fashion design, implying that she made it herself. If you don’t have time to knit your own sweater dress, try this look from J.Crew, which I found as equally elegant.

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