WEEKEND FORECAST: Cool Weather Prints

When I think about the typical cold weather wardrobe, I think of solid, dark-colored pieces of clothing. However, this stereotype is not necessarily true; prints are just as acceptable during the autumn and winter as they are during the spring and summer. While cool weather prints may be a bit different than the bright florals you'd wear on a warm August day, they're certainly just as chic and easy to pull off. With this thought in mind, I spotted these three Fashionistas as I was grabbing lunch.

These three Fashionistas are all sporting the stylish, cool weather-appropriate prints that I'm referring to. Each Fashionista has combined a printed element into her outfit and, by doing so, each outfit has that little extra something that can't be achieved with solid-colored items alone.

Fashionista One – The Fashionista all the way to the left sports a pair of leggings, boots, and a plaid tunic underneath a cozy cable knit sweater. Had this Fashionista opted to wear a solid-colored top under her sweater, her outfit would not have been as eye-catching as it is now. Her plaid tunic changed what could have been a plain outfit to a fashion-forward, chic look.

Fashionista Two – The Fashionista in the center has added a striped scarf to her solid-colored outfit of beige boots, black jeans, and a brown jacket. Although her look would have been just as fashion-forward with a solid-colored scarf, this striped addition takes her look it from basic to eye-catching.

Fashionista Three – The Fashionista all the way to the right has opted to carry her books in a green and beige, leaf-printed canvas bag. Without this bag, her simple outfit of boots, black jeans, a beige sweater, and an army jacket would not be as special as it is; the pattern on the bag is just loud enough to add that pop that her look needed.

Hint: Don't be afraid to sport cool weather appropriate prints this weekend! Try doing as these Fashionistas did and pair a printed shirt with an oversized sweater or add a patterned bag or scarf to your outfit. These simple additions transition well from day to night, will really make you stand out!

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