Wearing florals in the spring is not a new idea, but it can be unique if you style them in a different way. This Fashionista, who was actually going on a picnic with friends, choose a more neutral color pallet. The different browns, blues and faded florals in her outfit make her look like she should be wandering around in a garden next to a country cottage or farm.  To achieve a similar look, pair muted floral pattern with short boots or rustic sandals and some country-inspired accessories (think woven, brown leathers, etc).

Here are a few inexpensive options from Forever21:

Flower Garden Dress

Button Up Floral Dress

Country Floral Dress

Tiny Flowers Dress

Hint: Although it is starting to get warm enough to wear dresses without tights, tights are a very easy way to bring color to an outfit. This Fashionista’s navy tights are dark enough so she doesn’t look like a Smurf, but are still obviously blue. Color is huge this spring, especially pops of color using accessories. Belts can also be used to get this effect. A neutral belt compliments this Fashionista’s outfit because it already has a lot of elements. However, these two colorful belts from J Crew would stand out and be perfect for spring and summer.

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