WEEKEND FORECAST: Cuffs and Collars

No matter what the occasion, there is always an excuse to get a little dolled up. Whether it be to meet your friends for lunch or to attend some spectacular evening event, we all indulge from time-to-time in the art of dress. Even if it means putting on the simplest collared shirt, or cuffing a pair of jeans, there are just times when we dress to impress and even to give ourselves a well needed boost of confidence. I saw this Fashionisto walking back towards campus from an afternoon of shopping and jumped at the opportunity to take his picture. For spending the early part of the day bumming around town, I love the fact that he still found it within himself to throw on a classic white oxford shirt and a divinely tailored midnight blue blazer (I like this one by Prada). He put a modern twist on this refined look by donning a pair of straight-legged denim that was cuffed at the bottom just like the sleeves of his blazer. The cuffs on both pieces keep this look from appearing dated and overbearing. I loved the collar combination that this Fashionisto chose as well. By pairing a high-necked, round collar with the skinny, sharp lapel on his blazer, the combo was well suited for this Fashionisto’s frame and over-all look. The final touch to his ensemble was a sand-colored, suede, desert boot. This shoe choice is great for the fall because it keeps warm and isn’t quite as fussy as a full boot would be (I like these from J.Crew).

Hint: Wearing items that can be cuffed or with various collar types adds flare to any outfit. Details such as cuffs and collars bring attention to certain focal points on the body and can be quite flattering if worn correctly.

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