Well hello there fall – it’s great to have you back.Temperatures are starting to cool, and all of our fall purchases can finally be put to use. This Fashionista has the right idea by ditching the typical leggings, or tights-and-skirt combo by opting for a long skirt. The long skirt was one of my favorite pieces this summer, and it’s great news that it is here to stay for fall. The neutral tones in this skirt make it a great fall piece, and by pairing the skirt with a tan belt, it adds that extra touch of fall that we all love.

Boston weather can be pretty unpredictable, and I love that you can wear a long skirt on those days when Boston tricks you and spikes the temperatures back up, or even when it gets a little chillier. Going to class or a casual night out, the long skirt is the new staple piece to have in your closet this fall. I love how this Fashionista has paired her printed long skirt with a basic black tank and a skinny tan belt, the perfect fall combo. I love the subtle fall colors in this Fashionista’s look. Sometimes there is no need to over dramatize an outfit; an outfit of neutrals will carry the same effect.The best part about the long skirt: forget those Marilyn Monroe moments, and keep on strutting as those gusts of wind sweep right on by.

Hint: Try for a “color block” effect and pair a solid long skirt with a solid top – paired with a few simple accessories, it will be an outfit that will definitely impress.

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