While I'm not exempt to being a fan of taking your friends out to grab a drink, walk around, and shop, sometimes it just isn't the day for an afternoon stroll. Whether your friends are busy, it's rainy outside, or maybe you've caught a cold, it's best to have a backup plan if you can't literally shop til you drop. Not to fear: I've got the answer!

Alright, here's a question: what comes to mind when I say the word "eBay"? Muted 70s lamps someone's trying to get rid of? A signed Van Halen record your uncle might like? Wrong (though I'm sure they sell those things, too)! Over the last few years, entrepreneurs have taken to eBay like a moth to a flame. Trendy, vintage businesses can be found quite easily on eBay selling some very chic items. A definite favorite eBay store of mine is Neon Life Vintage. I can still remember moving in freshmen year and browsing their stupendous selection in hopes to upgrade my wardrobe from drab to fab (my first purchased piece was a fantastic little number shaped to resemble a DVF classic). Looking through their selection now (which is revamped every Sunday for your viewing and shopping pleasures), it's easy to find a piece you wouldn't have found anywhere else — and isn't that the point of vintage? And let's be honest; who hasn't searched online to find a vintage looking outfit and paid way too much for a wannabe? Cut that middle-man out and go straight to the source! 

So if you still regard eBay as a site your dad goes to pick up used motorcycle parts (ok ok, I'm talking about my dad), prepare to have your perceptions shattered and your interested spiked: shop stores like Neon Life Vintage to save a buck on gas and great vintage piece for that back-to-school party you've been eagerly awaiting.

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