WEEKEND FORECAST: Expect the Unexpected

I love when the sun comes out and the temperatures begin to warm up. Coats come off and everyone's bundled up layers are peeled away. It is so unexpected to see everyone's fashions revealed now instead of a sea of puffer coats and North Face. I saw this Fashionista walking down Kirkwood and immediately snapped her picture. I absolutely loved her relaxed look. I don't know if it was her combination of layering or unexpected mix of accessories that drew me to her. All of the above created an awesome look. She started her outfit by layering a simple tee with a denim chambray button down underneath a brown leather biker jacket. Her layering technique masterfully combined browns, blacks and denim.

The Fashionista tied all these colors into her accessories. My favorite piece in her outfit was her head wrap and bright poppy red ballet flats. These two things were definitely unexpected and successfully tied together her look. The Fashionista's head wrap was patterned with all the colors of her outfit, and her red flats added something different, a pop of color to her feet. If you are looking for ways to jazz up an outfit or to catch other onlookers off guard, try wearing a bright head scarf or pair of shoes like this Fashionista.The key to the head scarf is to find a fun pattern that incorporates all the other colors in your outfit. There are so many ways to wear a scarf in your hair; this Fashionista simply tied hers in a knot on the side of her head. Another great idea is to find a bright colored flat. The color doesn't have to match exactly as long as it doesn't take away from the rest of your look.

Hint: For a cool shoe, I found a great pair of flats by Restricted Footwear. You can get them in a variety of different colors and they are a great price! Plus, the bow on the toe is an added special touch. Also, check out Vivienne Westwood's flats. I found a super cute pair of gold flats with a studded heart at Kitson.

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