FASHION NEWS: Experience the Finer Things

Among the infinite debates revolving around the world of fashion and dress is one of my favorite topics, the source of fashion: where do we get ideas? Where are trends/colors pulled from for the upcoming seasons and inspirations? Though possible explanations are endless, I personally believe that one of the most inspiring sources of fashion is art. While fashion is an art in and of itself, I'm talking about the fine arts: painting, drawing, photography, etc. And where do you go to witness such masterful craftsmanship? Why, our own Fine Arts Museum, of course! Indiana University provides, among countless other things, an exquisite collection of fine arts. If you haven't been to the Fine Arts Museum on campus, you should definitely make plans to. Neighboring the IU Auditorium and HPER building, the Fine Arts Museum rests cozily and conveniently right in the middle of campus.

Two weeks ago, the Fine Arts Museum began displaying an exhibition called "Playing Fields" which "features the work of Patrick Berran, Melissa Oresky, Ryan Schneider, Olivia Schreiner and Jered Sprecher. The five painters’ work represents a spectrum of approaches to the practice of contemporary painting" (IU Student Activities). Being a wanna-be artist myself, I couldn't help but ogle these artists' work. Many utilize the interest of lines and bold colors to lure in and intrigue the viewer: it certainly worked for me. It's fun to visualize art and consider the millions of ways each painting could be made into a couture gown or ready-to-wear ensemble seen on the runway. The possibilities are endless.

So take a trip to the Fine Arts Museum this weekend. Grab a friend and a quick lunch before retreating to the heart of campus for an inspirational look at my favorite way to draw ideas for fashion; who knows what you'll come up with!

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