WEEKEND FORECAST: Fashion is a balancing act

When I spotted this Fashionista from a few blocks away, the first word that came to mind was: chic. From head to toe, she screamed fashion.

Her skirt stole the show with its button-front details and white trim. To balance her bold skirt, she paired it with a simple, white shirt and black flats.

I say follow her lead when picking out your outfit this weekend.

Raid your closet for basics, but then pick one bold piece to grab everyone’s eye. If you’re looking to buy a vintage skirt similar to this Fashionista’s, head over to Cactus Flower on Kirkwood. Or if you’re willing to splurge for that pin-up style, check out this fun skirt from Bloomingdales.

Now just throw on some wide shades, and you’ll be ready for anything this weekend.

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