WEEKEND FORECAST: Focus on Fur Collars

In a sea of black and brown peacoats, one of the major struggles for a Fashionista/o is always the search for unique outerwear. Finding a coat that mixes things up without sacrificing warmth can be a challenge. Not only has fur become a popular trend this winter, but utilitarian chic has as well, and as this Fashionista proves, mixing the two trends into your outerwear creates a definite fashion hit.

This Fashionista’s stunning coat has a color combo that certainly stands out. The unique combination of a light fur with a darker neutral, such as olive, is a nice change from the usual black fur/black fabric pairing. These two unexpected colors, along with the unstructured shape, give the coat a more bohemian feel, and the fur collar ensures warmth.

With a coat as noticeable as this, the key is to keep your bottom layers simple. However, don’t make the mistake of confusing simple with boring; by staying monochromatic, but incorporating uncommon basics, you can keep your look interesting even after taking your outerwear off. Here, this Fashionista wears black over-the-knee boots and a knit, black and white headband. For headbands of this sort, classic Nordic styles are popular this season.

Hint: Looking to switch up your winter wear, but not wanting to commit to an overcoat with a fur collar? Another eclectic way to incorporate fur is with a fur-trimmed, heavy wool sweater. With this kind of piece, you can layer with your everyday overcoat to retain even more of your precious body heat. A fur vest presents another layering option, a style that has proven to be extremely popular this season.

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