WEEKEND FORECAST: Giving Thanks for Fashion

As you’re getting ready for your Thanksgiving feast, take a cue from this holiday as inspiration for your wardrobe this weekend.

Consider pieces and accessories made of rich, textured fabrics similar to the traditional frocks of the Native Americans and Pilgrims, that not only look fabulous but offer comfort as well! 

Today’s Fashionisto takes a hint from the harvest celebration for his style. With a vintage Levi’s tee from Crossroads, thrift store fringe sweater, wooden beaded necklaces, H&M leggings, and Alfani leather boots, he’s ready to embark on his shopping adventures and feast on the amazing sales today.

Hint: Throw in a feather or two somewhere in your outfit in honor of that turkey you going to gobbled up next week. A bracelet, a collar, a belt or even a headband are all great additions to your fall wardrobe!

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