Happy Friday, fellow Fashionista/os! Even with the overwhelming duties and assignments of college, I was on the prowl this week to find a favorite weekend find; and I did! A little flame of interest has been sparked inside by, drum roll, please… DENIM! Let's break down this trend, shall we?

I hopped off the bus after a grueling day in the heat, I spotted this Fashionista venturing home and had to get a picture. Clad in one of the simplest and most classic silhouettes, our fashion-forward friend paired this adorable piece with some white roped thongs (a breath of fresh air from our familiar fad, the gladiator sandal). If you're going to try denim, I think the best color to accessorize with is definitely white: it's a clean color that won't contrast with the twill of the denim.

After analyzing her look for a second, I decided my stance on denim is this: with the right wash, I would gladly purchase a piece. This Fashionista got it just right: a muted dye with (here's the important part) no fade! Nothing screams "high school" more than a denim piece with obvious faded strips. You know what I'm talking about: that pair of Hollister jeans you bought sophomore year of high school with those dreadful streaks of bleach down the thigh to "elongate" the leg- bleh!. I think the wash of a denim dress is crucial: a dark denim would have come across too 1995-second-grade-teacher-like.

So, with the heat ablaze this weekend, don't force yourself into a two-piece set. Cross over to the denim-side and grab a delightful number like our Fashionista's here! After all, shouldn't we pay our dues to the fabric that's made its appearance in every year, season, and occasion of our busy college lives?

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