WEEKEND FORECAST: Have Faith in Your Oldies!

Welcome back, fellow Hoosiers! I know everyone's crazed with things to do before fall semester starts, but I'm glad you stopped in for some quick Fashionista advice! This week's topic: recycling! Ok ok, I know you're all thinking about how tired you are of hearing the word. However, I've got a creative twist on our favorite little "green" word. Let me introduce you to Rae Faith.

As you're unpacking your endless wardrobe into your new flat for the fall, you're bound to come across a few pieces that, let's be honest, are probably seeing their last glimpses of daylight before making their way to the back of your closet for good. Instead of wasting hanger and drawer space with these old faves, put them aside! IU fourth year, Rachel Milen, is the head revamper at Rae Faith, a budding company that takes worn denim and collegiate apparel and transforms them into hip, fashion forward pieces. Using bleach, lace, and other unexpected embellishment styles, Milen turns drab to fab! My favorite piece is an acid washed denim vest with a fabulous lace cut-out on the chest and a lace back (drooool!).

So, if you've got some old pieces that have seen their fair share of wear, don't trash them to the back of the closet just yet. Leave it to the professionals and get yourself in contact with Rachel Milen to get your hands on a Rae Faith original. I've said it once and I'll say it again: weekends are about taking risks and getting yourself noticed! What better way to make a statement than sporting an excellent piece from one of our own?

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