WEEKEND FORECAST: Hello, Again, Mid-Thigh!

We all remember that dreaded walk from our rooms to the front door, trying to make it out of the house with a skirt we knew was far too short; just before we could get out the door, we'd hear our mothers calling after us in regards to our micro-minis. Well, our mothers would be proud of us now. We've said "ta-ta!" to our mini-skirts and welcomed in a more mature and modest hem length: mid thigh.

This Fashionista was spotted confidently wearing the new style (key word: confidently. You can pull anything off if you believe it looks good yourself) on Kirkwood Avenue. If you're a little apprehensive about trying a mid length denim, ease into it with some already-fabulous stables in your wardrobe: this Fashionista combined her skirt with a boho bag, delightful scarf, and the new sandal (which we're seeing everywhere — love them!).

So this weekend, take a risk! What else are weekends for?

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