Winter vacation means weeks of home-cooked meals and holiday celebrations with families and friends for most all Fashionistas and Fashionistos. As I was packing my suitcase with things I wanted to wear over break, I focused my attention on my family's holiday dinner; specifically contemplating what look would be best for this annual affair. In my family, holiday festivities are somewhat dressy and it's not odd for my friends and family members sport their favorite little black dress (LBD) and heels. However, this year I really wanted to stray from this popular look and decided I should try something new. As this Fashionista had, I chose to incorporate a summer staple into my winter wardrobe for a fresh, chic look.

This Fashionista's look is great for all of the holiday celebrations that lay ahead. She has opted to wear a floral sundress beneath an amazing studded blazer. With this, she sports opaque tights, oxford-like lace-up boots with fringe and a great statement necklace. Her look is eye-catching and stylish, which is a perfect alternative to the LBD for all holiday-themed festivities. I really like how this Fashionista has transitioned her summer staple into a great winter look; by pairing the dress with a studded blazer, she transforms the dress into a winter staple. The combination of summer dress and studded blazer creates an amazingly fashion-forward, holiday look.

Hint: While you're home for the hoidays this weekend, choose to stray from the common LBD and opt to sport a floral dress instead. This dress, taken from your summer wardrobe, can transition easily into a winter-weather, holiday-appropriate look by adding a blazer or jacket and tights. Experiment with this fun style, Fashionistas, as it will certainly be a crowd-pleaser at all holiday festivities this vacation!

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