Although throughout the week the St Andrews population has been dwindling with students trickling out for holiday vacation, today marks the last official day of classes until the new semester. Whatever mode of transportation you’re taking, car, bus, train or airplane, traveling from the St Andrews bubble is usually never a single leg of transport. For the average student abroad, it often involves waiting around the train station or airport, sometimes outside in the cold, sometimes within the dismal comforts of EDI. My mother always told me to dress well when traveling, which I somehow took to heart; ergo the traveling conundrum- how do you stay warm and comfortable and still look composed? This Fashionisto displays the perfect traveling ensemble. Looking sophisticated and smart in layers and a toggle coat, you won’t find him shivering outside Leuchars. A hat and a scarf are always nice accessories for added comfort on your travels, and he even has a bag to modestly fit in the overhead compartment. Although I tend to don leggings when I travel, I will take cues from his coordinated and layered ensemble. Bon Voyage and Happy Holidays!

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