Since its recent farewell, the wave of bohemian fashion may, in fact, be upon us once again. This Fashionista sports a loose-fitted tank and well-worn denim shorts topped off with an unexpected leather belt. The rustic/boho theme transends well in these early weeks of summer: light and fresh while still making us look oh-so put together.

There's something about this effortless look that draws in the Fashionista. Pay no worries to perfectly matching your shades of blue or themed florals: boho is meant to look disheveled. It's no surprise that a look that can be thrown together in minutes attracts us college students; 8 A.M. classes don't exactly allow for hours of preparation.

Too often do we Hoosiers dream and fantasize about the big cities: could the boho fad be us "owning" the Midwest appeal? The baggy tanks and loose denim allow for a modest look — no need to show skin to catch people's attention. And perhaps the most appealing aspect of bohemian fashion is the price! What else could we ask for, owning the "poor college student" charade for four years? Not only can you take advantage of thrift and secondhand stores, you can become a "cross consumer" — thanks H100 for the vocab 😉 — by wearing your denim from your favorite boutique and your belt from a local thrift. What else could you ask for?

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