We have seen scarves as neckties, scarves as shawls, and scarves as neck warmers, but these looks are all old news. The look breaking headlines this season is the scarf as a wrap for your head. The new trend is in line with all the other vintage looks of the season inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. It was the recent royal wedding and Kentucky Derby that introduced us to the most dramatic hair accessories from hats to fascinators. Although you may not be sporting one of those Phillip Treacy headpieces like the royals, you can still create your own awesome headwear with just a simple lightweight scarf.

Make a style statement and bring the head scarf into your daily look like this Fashionista has done here. The trend is actually super simple and the end result, so dramatic and chic. This Fashionista has stuck to the basics wearing her scarf as a traditional headband. To create the look you just fold your scarf on the bias and then tie a square knot on the side of the neck. to jazz up your look, try placing the knot in the front. It is key to keep in mind the colors of your scarf, for this Fashionista, her scarf’s leopard print was the focal point of her ensemble. She accentuated the scarf by wearing a light colored blouse and simple skinny jeans. If you are going to make a statement with a headpiece, make sure to balance out the rest of your look by keeping your coordinating threads simple. This Fashionista kept the rest of her accessories minimal with just a gold watch and bangle.

Hint: If you are looking for a way to wear your scarf that will put you on top of the trends for 2011, then try a turban creation. The turban is the ultimate high drama accessory that can be made easily. If you don’t want to craft your own, I found a few great pieces at Etsy, you can find full wraps or headband versions. Now, although this standout look is not for the fearful Fashionista, a little confidence is all you need to make your turban wearable and sophisticated. Take some inspiration from the Milly spring runway and you will have people head-over-heels for your headgear.

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