WEEKEND FORECAST: It’s Never too Early for Fur

Boston temperatures have taken a sudden plummet, and as some of us may feel we aren’t prepared, this Fashionista has the right idea by breaking out her fur at the first sign of cold. I love fur jackets (both faux and real), especially this Fashionista’s faux fur by Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs has created this type of jacket for the past few seasons, and each season he spices up the design just a little and even introduces new colors. This Fashionista has chosen a more basic color, but there are currently a variety of different patterns and colors available. The best part about this Fashionista’s jacket: it has a hood and not just any hood – a fur-lined hood – probably the warmest thing anyone could ever ask for. I am personally a huge hood person and believe a hood is a crucial part to any jacket, especially when you live in a place like Boston where the weather can go from cloudy to raining to sunny all in an hour. Another great feature of this fantastic fur is the material – it is made to feel like a sweatshirt so when you transition from the brutal outdoors to find inside is the same temperature, you won’t feel like you need to immediately shed your outer shell.

It’s fall in Boston and quickly moving to winter – fur is starting to pop up everywhere, and this weekend we should all give it a test drive. Faux or real – fur isn’t just for the Fashionistas – Fashionitos, try splurging on a fur-lined bomber this winter, like this one by The North Face, and I promise you won’t regret the purchase.

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