WEEKEND FORECAST: Itsy-Bitsy-Teenie-Weenie Polka Dot One-Piece

The thought of wearing an itsy-bitsy polka dot bikini makes me cringe. Before going to the beach, I must muster up enough courage before exposing every bulge and freckle on my pale summer skin. Yet to my much-needed relief, flattering one-piece swimsuits are no longer a trend of the past, and have made a splash this summer. 

This type of swimwear is great for every body type; the trick is to find a style that highlights your best features. For short frames, find a suit that that is cut higher in order to accentuate the leg. To enhance your chest, find a one-piece with a V-neck or ruffled top. Halter-tops often help support wider frames. 

Although the idea of a one-piece seems bland, bold colors and prints can make them seem anything but modest. Polka dots, floral, and paisley prints help create a look that is both chic and fun. Besides being stylish, this look is functional. One-pieces allow ladies to swim without worrying about exposing the top or bottom half. 

Want to show off more skin? Monokinis have become popular in recent years. Side cutouts show off more of the stomach and appear as two pieces from the back. 

Photos by: Brenna Norman 

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