Khaki, it’s a color that many of us are familiar with and is a go to neutral in most spring and summer wardrobes. While I love the color, let’s be honest that it can be dull and boring most of the time. In a style season full of bold color and vibrant prints, I think many of us are reluctant to venture back to basic and blah neutrals. But then I spotted this Fashionista who gave me some inspiration on how to bring the life back into my khaki and more muted looks.

The Fashionista is decked out in a monochromatic look. She focuses her outfit by layering pieces in different browns and khakis. I love monochromatic looks like these because you are forced to experiment with silhouettes instead of color. To make her traditional khaki chinos trendy she rolls up the bottom hem. This gives your pants a more laid back look. Mix different neutrals in your look through your shoes. Try a flat canvas shoe or a more girly chunky heel. This Fashionista is wearing the popular wood clog with her look. This Fashionista tops her outfit off with a camel leather jacket. Adding unexpected style details is the key for a successful monochromatic look. The best part of this Fashionista's outfit is her supsenders. She gives her khakis some added detail by strapping on a pair of suspenders to the belt loops. I can’t remember the last time I saw suspenders look this chic. This Fashionista shows us how style details, like suspenders, will add personality and fun to your outfits. 

Hint: Don’t think that with the absence of color or pattern that your outfits will become dull. Play up unexpected accessories and silhouettes to create a fun and inspiring look.

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