WEEKEND FORECAST: Labor Day Style for Him

When I think of Labor Day weekend I automatically envision families and friends getting together and spending one last time outdoors to honor the unofficial end to summer. I imagine these people wearing a stylish combination of preppy pieces with some indie elements – pairing different colors, patterns, and textures all together to result in a traditional (yet fun) last hoorah to summer.

As soon as I spotted this Fashionisto, he instantly reminded me of Labor Day weekend festivities. I could totally place him at an outdoor celebration, and his outfit so accurately depicted the clothing I had visioned a Labor Day celebrator to wear. This Fashionisto made me want to roll out my picnic blanket or go to an outdoor concert while enjoying the sunlight and warm weather (even though it was raining and cold when we met at a Kelly Cutrone event in NYC.)

This Fashionisto expertly pairs a navy blazer with cuffed denim and brown accessories. His outfit is fashionably geometric (the cuffed denim, the crisp lines of the blazer) and incorporates varying patterns and textiles. My absolute favorite part of this Fashionisto’s outfit is his shirt: the plaid is only on the front while the rest of the shirt is solid-colored (it is such a cool blend of a traditional oxford and a plaid button-down!) I also really love this Fashionisto’s shoes – they are both suede and leather, which adds an exciting textural element to what could have been just a traditional brown dress shoe. All in all, this Fashionisto’s outfit is polished and distinctive; it subtly pays tribute to the whimsical attitude of summer while also featuring glimpses of autumn's sophistication. This Fashionisto's outfit is comfortable and casual enough for a celebration in a park, and his use of layers enables him to stay cool, or warm up, if needed.

Hint: To look as awesome as this Fashionisto at a parade, concert, barbecue, and other outdoor activity during Labor Day weekend, pair funky dress shoes with a great pair of cuffed jeans and a trendy button-down or simple T-shirt. Also, don't be afraid to sport varying textiles to create some cool looks!

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